Deployment of Speedwall couldn't be easier

The Speedwall Building System has been designed to enable deployment in difficult remote terrains where there may be few, if any, skilled tradesmen. 

The Speedwall Building System can deployed in less than a day. Once slabs have been laid, panel production commences and in parallel it is possible to commence the construction of the required structures. 

In summary, the construction and assembly process comprises: 

1. Panel Production

2. Structure Assembly
3. Window and Door Fitting
4. Services Installation
5. Structure rendering

On large scale projects it is production efficient for the Speedwall Building System to be deployed once multiple slabs are ready for the construction of the structures. In this way the construction process become highly systemised turning the development site into a large scale factory production.

Panel Production & Erection


For more than twenty years 
Speedwall has been developing and refining its patented and  revolutionary low cost construction system for housing and other structures.

Install Framework & Services


The Speedwall Building System
offers a radically innovative yet entirely simple response to the challenge of construction in the 21st Century.

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Structure Rendering


The advantages are considerable 
and provide tangible benefits to house occupiers, developers, governments and the wider local communities in which we operate.

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