Speedwall Building System's business is a modern, truly global operation with a corporate structure designed to deliver a technically advanced and flexible product. Speedwall's mission is to make a real difference in providing a solution to one of the World’s greatest challenges – the provision of quality affordable housing to the World's less priviledged sections of society and in so doing improve the happiness and lives of millions of people. 

There is a significant dimension of social importance to our work and we take pride in the difference we have made to thousands of people’s lives throughout the World.

Whilst we are proud of our successes to date, we continue to face many obstacles to acheiving our goal: political, economic factors, as well as a lack of skilled labour. It takes a determined and resourceful workforce to deliver the benefits of our system globally.

We are always interested in people who share our vision, and have a wide range of skills required to contribute to our expansion.

If you are interested in applying, particularly if you have appropriate engineering or construction experience, please submit a CV and covering letter to:

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