Company Mission

Our Mission

The  Speedwall Building System has been designed to address the unique issues that face low cost housing and construction groups working in difficult environments. 

Since its first inception, the Speedwall Building System has evolved over a period of 20 years to become the most cost effective and rapid building solution in the market, based on the production of unique structural insulated building panels.

The principles governing its design were intended to overcome the challenges of building low cost, quality housing in the emerging and developing world in a timely manner.

Our mission is to make affordable housing available to everyone in world regardless of race or creed.

Our Guiding Principals:

> Continually seek to innovate to deliver better homes more cost effectively.

> Always seek to embrace local cultures and adapt to localised needs.

> Involve the local community and seek to improve the lives of people where possible.

> Keep informed of new technologies that may assist us in developing our products.

> Treat everyone within and outside our organisation with respect.

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