Cost Benefits

Lower costs today and in the future

Speedwall provides a wide number of economic benefits

Speedwall has been designed from the ground up to deliver a range of important economic benefits to our clients. Starting with a reduction in costs realisable because of a reduction in construction timeframes and resources requirements.

Speedwall structures are cheaper to build, and require less maintenance than other wooden framed, pre-cast or formwork type houses. Other important economic benefits are realised by the occupiers of our homes who realise reduced energy costs as our homes achieve high energy efficiencies, and are extremely low cost to maintain.

Construction times are up to 12 times quicker than conventional construction approaches.

Summary of Cost Benefits:

> Speedwall Structures are light-weight and accordingly do not require deep foundations.

> Structural assembly is up to 12 times quicker than conventional construction approaches.

> Very little skilled labour is required in the construction of a Speedwall structure.

> Local labour can be trained to build with Speedwall in under 2 weeks.

> All materials and labour are sourced locally to reduce importation and transport costs.

> No heavy lifting equipment is required in construction process.

> Speedwall structures are energy efficient and reduce energy bills by more than 30%.

> Speedwall structures require little ongoing maintenance.

> With reduced project completion timetables financing costs are greater reduced.
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