Design Benefits

Flexibility and limitless choices

Speedwall structures are limited only by imagination

Speedwall can be used to construct a wide variety of structures and the panels can be used in a multitude of applications including exterior, interior and party walls; multi-level floors; retaining walls, sound barriers, and structural roofing. Speedwall panels can be used to construct residential dwellings, cold stores, warehouses, factories, school buildings, churches, offices and shops.

Panel thicknesses and lengths can be varied to requirements allowing for variable wall floor to floor wall heights, as well as greater acoustic and thermal ratings to be met. 

Panels can be produced to be load bearing or light weight depending on their application.

Walls can be curved and it is simple to design unusual openings within a Speedwall structure such are portholes or other shapes as well as arches or unique shaped window openings.

The Speedwall Building System integrates with other construction elements such as alternative roofing systems, door and window structures and if required can be used to compliment traditional super structures such as concrete columns and beams.

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