Panel Production

Panel Production & Structural Assembly

Controlling the manufacturing process results in major cost reductions

The Speedwall Building System can be deployed in less than 48 hours enables production of panels to commence almost immediately the equipment arrives in site.

  • Panel Manufacturing production is fully automated.
  • Each equipment set can produce 10 panel per hour. 
  • Speedwall provides training to local machine oeprators or can provide experienced operators if required.

Typically for a low rise residential build, the house would be built on top of a 200mm slab incorporating a ring beam around the perimeter of the structure. Rebar is fixed into the external perimeter of the ring beam before final pouring

Speedwall Ring Beam  Speedwall Reb Set Into Foundations  Speedwall Ringbeam is Poured 
  Speedwall Slab and Rebar Complete  Speedwall Slab is complete

The Speedwall panels are then fixed vertically between the rebar and the external wall assembly is completed.

 Rebar Braces Panel Speedwall Panels Erected  Speedwall Outer Walls 

At panel joins BRC reinforced steel wire mesh is overlaid and tied interconnecting the panels

Panels can be cut with a skill saw to whatever shape and size is required. A standard panel is dimensioned 1220mm x 2440mm. Cost savings can be made by slightly modifying designs to reduce the number of panels that may be required to be cut. Vertical length can be extended by connecting further panels.

Speedwall BRC Bracing Mesh    Speedwall Panels Are Simply Cut to Size with Skill Saw  Speedwall Additional Height

The internal walls are then assembled, rebar has been set into the foundations as for the external walls. Internal walls in many cases are thinner than external walls depending on the structural requirements. Wall are braced ahead of the windows and doors being fitted. 

Speedwall Internal Walls   Speedwall Cut Out Windows and Doors

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