Speedwall's Panel

Panel Characteristics

Attributes of the Speedwall Panel

  • A standard panel size is 2440 mm x 1220 mm with a finished wall thickness of either 100mm or 156mm.

  • The length and thickness can be adjusted, and requires only resetting of the Speedwall equipment to obtain the modified dimension.

  • A standard panel allows for an unsupported span of approximately 4m.

  • The resultant monolithic structure is adaptable to virtually any structural requirement or climatic, environmental or seismic condition as wind-load and load-bearing tests attest.

  • Speedwall structures are rust proof due to the zinc coating to the wire members.

  • Speedwall panels have an excellent thermal and acoustic rating and a 2-hour fire rating. Higher ratings can be achieved with additional cladding.

  • Speedwall panels are suitable for internal and external use in walls, floors and roofs of buildings up to three storeys. Effective as internal and external in-fill in framed structures where they are ideal for multi-story applications as partitions or curtain walls.


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