Structural Benefits

Strength combines with cost efficiency

Structural Integrity saves lives

Speedwall panels are load bearing and can be used as structural plates for external and internal walls as well as structural floors

The ultimate Speedwall structure is monolithic which means there are no structural fault points as you have in many other structures such as pre-cast panels, brick or block work. In areas affected by earthquakes this is an extremely important structural benefit.

Evidence shows that in most serious earthquakes the vast majority of people are killed when their homes or work place collapses. Many homes in the third world are being built with inadequate structural integrity often using local materials such as earth bricks or the like. The super structures have little structural integrity when hit by seismic waves which move in wave patterns both up and down as well as side to side across the structure. This ripple effect can cause catastrophic structural collapses in many structures. This can be exacerbated when roofs and floors have been designed to sit on walls being held firm under their own weight. If the floors and roof are not adequately connected the framing this can result in the floor or roof falling off its support and collapsing inwards.

To resist the side to side effects of an earthquake structures must be braced both vertically and horizontally, all floors must be connected to the framing in a robust and resilient way. Floors should be light. 

Speedwall achieves all the necessary requirements to be earthquake resistant. Firstly a Speedwall structure is significantly lighter than most concrete or brick structures. Secondly it is monolithic from the foundations up. and Thirdly its lightweight steel frame allows for enough give to let the structure move or sway slightly without causing any major deterioration  in the structural integrity of the building.

By being both lightweight, flexible and monolithic a Speedwall structure can withstand the preliminary affects of the earthquake and have been proven to be able to withstand an earthquake of up to 10 on the richter scale.

Major Structural Benefits
  • Low cost - major cost savings in labour, equipment and time
  • Strong - load bearing panels can be used for walls and floors
  • Durable - structure will last 50 years+
  • Fire resistant - standard panel has 2 hour fire rating 
  • Low maintenance - 
  • Energy efficient - cool in summer, warm in winter with high R-value insulating rating
  • Earthquake resistant - tested to 10 on richter scale
  • Hurricane resistant - tested to 300km winds

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