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Some Key Information about the Speedwall Building System:

  • A single set of Speedwall  machinery will produce 80 panels (dimensions 4" x 8" or 122cm x 244cm) in an eight hour shift.
  • Speedwall’s machines can be operated on a double or triple shift, increasing panel output.
  • A 35m2 home would use approximately 40 panels.
  • Each trained erection team should be able to erect 40 panels in 8 hours, as would each trained spray team.
  • Therefore with the deployment of a single set of machinery, operating on 2 shifts and using 4 erection and spray teams you can build 4 houses per day.

For more detailed information on the Speedwall  Building System, the following PDF files contain more technical detail containing technical drawings and demonstrating the system in use. 

Overview of technology (615kb) click here

Technical drawings (note large file 3.8mb) click here

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