Speedwall - Low Cost Housing

Introducing the Speedwall Building System

Speedwall is one of the world's leading low cost construction technology suppliers involved in providing solutions to mass housing projects. Our unique capability in this area has led to our involvement in projects across 4 continents.  

The Speedwall concept was designed and refined over a period of over 20 years, and has been successfully implemented since 1991. The principles governing its design were intended to overcome the challenges of building affordable, quality housing in the developing world. Comparisons with all other systems including conventional methods and other panel based technologies in all environments have confirmed Speedwall’s superiority for cost, speed of construction, strength, versatility and ease of deployment.

The core of the Speedwall Building system is the patented panel making machine and the panels themselves which are manufactured onsite. Concrete is sprayed onto the building structures, initially made up of the framework and the panels only.

Speedwall trains contractors in the operation of the machine and the erection process, as well as provides quality control for the successful completion of the project.

Our Company


For more than twenty years 
Speedwall has been developing and refining its patented and  revolutionary low cost construction system for housing and other structures.

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The Construction System


The Speedwall Building System
offers a radically innovative yet entirely simple response to the challenge of construction in the 21st Century.

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Key Benefits


The advantages are considerable 
and provide tangible benefits to house occupiers, developers, governments and the  local communities in which we operate.

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There are a number of significant benefits of using our system as compared to most traditional construction approaches, the major being: 
  • Speed - one of our onsite panel manufacturing machines is capable of producing 240 panels per day and can be erected in situ within minutes of coming out of our mobile factory. 
  • Low Level of Skilled Staff - our construction system is extremely simple to use and requires very few highly skilled staff on site. This has important benefits in areas where in which there are skills shortages.
  • Lightweight Structure - as our panels weigh less than 140kg/m2 the overall structure is substantially lighter than a similar structure built using pre-cast, formworks or plastic moulds, yet the steel wire frame combined with the internal and external concrete surface provide super strength. As a result foundations are also usually lighter. 
Speedwall Panels are made with a polyinsulator and galvanised steel mesh and can be used as internal and external load bearing walls, floors, partitions, and retaining walls. 

Produced on site they provide excellent thermal and acoustic rating to the building structure and are both earthquake and hurricane resistant.Mobile Production Plants: Uniquely Speedwall produces its panels onsite in its patented mobile factory which is conveniently delivered to site and is housed in a 40ft steel container.  

Comparisons with all other building systems including conventional methods such as pre-cast concrete, cement formwork, timber frame or plastic and metal moulding as well as other panel based technologies in all environments have confirmed Speedwall's superiority for low cost, speed of construction, strength, durability, versatility and ease of deployment.Core to the Speedwall Building System is our patented mobile panel making machine which produces load bearing structural panels onsite suitable for use as both load bearing walls, ceilings and multi-storey floors. 

Speedwall clients include government agencies, housing associations, multinational companies, private contractors, developers and aid groups. Speedwall has an international network of offices, serving every country in the world including Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

Speedwall is the world's leading low cost housing solution because it provides, governments, developers and construction companies with a rapid delivery, low cost construction system. Our low cost building system provides significant cost savings to large scale construction projects and is superior in comparison to formwork, concrete forming, and all other concrete house construction systems. By deploying Speedwall's low cost housing system, governments and private developers can deliver affordable housing, with government subsidies the cost can be reduced further again. When compared to formwork systems Speedwall is up to 10 times quicker in construction. Production capacity is not constrained in requiring additional expensive formwork molds. The construction company or developer has complete control over the production process and associated costs. When using other poured concrete systems time is wasted waiting for the formwork to set. With Speedwall production of houses continues like a factory production line which ensures labour resources are efficiently deployed and the project is completed quicker.
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